Objects in Nature

Shenzhen Tanglang Mountain Peaks

Tanglang Mountain is a green heart of Shenzhen. We envision the Tanglang Mountain trail to be a city park for all residents of Shenzhen to enjoy, by creating a series of experiences from the foot of the mountain to its peaks.

We redefine the traditional lookout experience by introducing a rhythm of meanders between the two peaks. By carefully curating a curvilinear ascent, we frame new views toward nature and the city’s different faces. The meanders offer visitors intimate interfaces with nature at different heights until the trail culminates at the peak. Like a musical scale, the visitor’s experience of ascending the mountain evolves along the trail. Rest spots along the curve bends provide spaces for lingering amidst nature. Suspended from columns, the stucture maintains a light footprint so as to interfere minimally with nature while strategically circumventing existing site structures.

The whole mountain trail is activated as a city park, where visitors not only enjoy the destination points but the entire series of experiences between them.
After enjoying a whole series of activities and sights along the winding trail, the visitor’s experience reaches a climax at Jimu peak. The path meets the existing Jimu pavilion platform lightly and sweeps upward to bring visitors to even higher lookout positions unblocked by trees. In the space of these tight curves, visitors move through an intensifying rhythm of sights. Visitors first look northward to see the campus city, then enter a quiet transition zone where they face inward to see the activities on the platform below, before finally curving southward to see a breathtaking view of the urban face of Shenzhen and its waterfront. Where Jimu pavilion used to be, visitors descend a spiral and reach a small cafe and rest space. Hemmed in by trees, the platform is freed up for a range of activities: performance areas, event spaces, children’s play areas, educational zones, and ample differentiated rest spots. The peak becomes a destination worth visiting

Year 2020 Location Shenzhen, China Client Youfang Area 8,000 sqm Status Competition

1 Multiple Curated Experiences Introduced
2 Relationship Established between 2 Mountain Peaks

3 Natural Greenery Protected
4 Accessibility Created through a Continuous Ramp