Objects in Nature

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

A simple square defines an elegant and quiet promenade in an unadulterated wildlife sanctuary.

Nature is the key asset of the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve. Our proposal for the Nature and Wellbeing Centre reduces architecture to its bare essence in order for nature to claim centre stage.

The project comprises a single poetic gesture: frame the rich and diverse moments of nature on site.

Comprising a 6m programmatic band and a 2m interior walkway, the single storey building has a perimeter of 66m x 66m. Its spacious 50m x 50m internal courtyard envelopes the Tadorna Bungalow and introduces distributed areas of differing character.
Governed by the simple nature of a perimeter frame, the architecture produces multiple moments of dialogue with the site’s varying conditions.Outdoor play areas, exhibition spaces, breakout areas and views towards the respective lakes are generated from the primary rule of the perimeter square. The roof of the building has been tilted at an angle, creating a height difference of 4.2m to 2.4m, giving rise to a spacious interior and a more intimate exterior.

Therefore, visitors can choose to explore the programmatic spaces in a chronological order or according to the natural site qualities. The outer boundary of the building has been aligned to the narrowest edge of the West and East Lake, in order to allow views from the public café deck and the staff resting area respectively.

Year 2017 Location Sevenoaks, UK Client Kent Wildlife Trust Area 20,000 sqm Status Competition