Strategic Ecosystems

Pyongyang Sallim

Building an understanding of a closed country through the architecture of domestic spaces.

After the change of leadership in 2011 and the partial introduction of a market-economy system, North Korea’s long-standing micro-district system began to evolve. It is being replaced by a new type of housing system that meets the demands of capital.

This exhibition focuses on an apartment constructed during this time of change and shows how the daily lives of Pyongyang residents have changed. Although this new style of apartment may not represent the lifestyles of all Pyongyang residents, it serves as an example of the future direction of housing development in the city.
By replicating an apartment in Pyongyang, the exhibition focuses on the idea that, in addition to providing basic habitation, residential designs can reflect the complex aspects of culture, customs, and habits.

The model house consists of four spaces: an entrance hall / living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. Each space is displayed together with authentic goods and articles brought from North Korea. In the model house, visitors experience the everyday life of Pyongyang residents.

Year 2017 Location Seoul, South Korea Collaborator PRAUD Exhibition Seoul Biennale Status Completed