New Productive Spaces

Modalku Office

A central light-filled amphitheatre orients and partitions office functions, while embodying and amplifying the vibrant social atmosphere of the startup.

How does space allow the growing startup to retain its character and evolve its processes?

Modalku is a fin-tech firm specialising in P2P lending. Looking to rapidly expand their team, Modalku sought a new headquarters in West Jakarta spanning two floors.

The project envisions a new typology of work that replaces the traditional office typology.

Straddling the wide stages of founding and organisational build-up and business development, the project responds to the growing trend of flexible work that prioritises compact knowledge transfer and indirect interdisciplinary inputs.
The project emphasises each worker as a key actor in a theatre of dynamic navigation, providing multiple scenes and stages for workers to perform and respond.

Designed as a three sided amphitheatre, the main office space acts as a social condenser. A comfortable main stage is produced for the informal exchange of ideas between colleagues and clients. The central space can also be programmed as a space for town hall meetings. A series of alcoves is designed to contain the pantry, printers and other services.

The more private areas, such as the meeting rooms are aligned to the sides, opening up the central space, while the management area is relocated to a quiet corner that maintains views towards the central area.

Year 2019 Location Jakarta, Indonesia Client Modalku Area 1000 sqm Status Completed