Strategic Ecosystems

Ho Chi Minh City Masterplan 2060

We propose a set of new ecological corridors for a resilient and productive Ho Chi Minh City in the year 2060.

We envision that the future Ho Chi Minh City will be agile, resilient, and innovative. Urban expansion and transformation will be structured around cultivating green and blue corridors as a cornerstone economic and programming strategy.

Ho Chi Minh City is in high risk of flooding due to climate change and rise in sea levels. Instead of opting for hard interventions like seawalls that are implemented at the coasts, softer interventions like designing for a sponge city can be introduced to protect land areas.

Our proposal is developed with the following principles in mind:

Connect Across Scales: Connectivity should be established not only in terms of channeling goods and people, but also in creating a network of high intensity urban corridors to interconnect urban nodes for productive and inclusive growth across the city, and to strengthen its regional and global connections.
Build Resilient Green & Blue Networks: Given the city’s rich history of living amidst swamps, forests, and mangroves, HCMC will leverage on its unique geological features to restore and transform its abundant green and blue assets into a coordinated ecological infrastructure to nimbly anticipate future climatic conditions.

Programme Synergistically: Future city planning should venture beyond traditional single-use zoning into clustering of synergistic functions to create opportunities for the cross fertilisation of ideas and best practices, and for new partnerships to organically emerge.

Year 2022 Location Ho Chi Minh City Client HCM City Government Area 2000ha Status Competition Awards Honourable Mention