Objects in Nature

Green Agora

A delicate framework of outlines and mesh is gradually subsumed under a growing facade of creepers.

Conceived as a pavilion for community dialogue on nature, food and farming, the Green Agora will be showcased during Archifest 2020 at Ground Up Initiative’s Kampong Kampus over a period of 6 months.

The structure comprises a framework of patented aluminium modules appearing as a wireframe box perched atop another, and lightly clad with steel mesh. While initially starkly barren, the 3-storey pavilion will allow creepers to eventually engulf it.

The structure elegantly balances the conflicts of an object in nature. The rigidity of a modular construction is plainly expressed in the simplicity of its outlines. The unresponsiveness of its initial geometries makes the composition oddly incongruous with the casual disorder of the surrounding site, yet its thin frames respectfully introduce only a minimal silhouette.
The Green Agora is both a statement and a prototype. The project situates itself along the convergent trajectories of crisis and lifestyle: Post-COVID realities engender spiking fears of food security and an eagerness to organically manage wellness, while the currents of sustainable living continue to rise.

The pavilion is envisioned as a catalyst to steer the agenda of sustainability towards developing a new architectural typology: An ecologically sensitive outlook on live-work-play, under the changing conditions of dwelling, working, mobility, consumption and social structures.

As a prototype, the Green Agora utilises a patented modular system developed by The Shelter Company. The Green Agora is designed for pop up installation across neighbourhoods  to demonstrate sustainability concepts and to create useable public space. 

Year 2020 Location Singapore Client Archifest Collaborator The Shelter Company Area 92 sqm Status Completed