Objects in Nature

Casa Wabi Orchid Pavilion

For Fundacion Casa Wabi’s Orchid Pavilion, we propose a modest and subtle intervention: a sunken path leading visitors to experience nature at its best - naturally.

24 orchids endemic to Mexico were selected for this proposal, spanning epiphytes, lithophytes and terrestrial orchids. To keep the programmes at Casa Wabi central, we propose a relatable scheme of primary forms and walled enclosures for the new orchid pavilion. 

The 50sqm open-air pavilion leads visitors from the nearby ceramics pavilion into a path, which is itself a space for learning, contemplation and appreciation of the orchids. Planter boxes vary in height to display the different families of orchids from the best angles, and unexpected ones.
The whole project is centered on the concept of sensible naturalism. The sunken path is paved with lava rock, with descending steps at a gentle level difference of 0.15m. The self-supporting retaining wall system is produced by local firm ARMO’s block system. The varying ground landscape comprises textures of lava rock, soil and sand. A repurposed chicken feed trough is filled with sand and stone to function as a bench, with orchids flowering overhead.

Year 2021 Location Oaxaca, Mexico Client Fundación Casa Wabi Area 50 sqm Status Competition