Objects in Nature

Bandirma Park

Distributed objects, each defined by simple gestures, collectively compose a connective landscape.

The project unites a set of contradictions into a vibrant and pliable mesh of objects. The existing Bandirma Park faces the developing commercial waterfront in the North and the existing urban centre in the east, while containing distributed ruins in itself.

Inspired by the tree canopies that shelter the heritage ruins on site, the park experience is redefined through a series of semi-transparent canopies that provide shelter and frame existing diverse programmes.

The canopies unify the retail, hotel and design spaces, while blurring the boundary between the new additions and existing heritage ruins. The Design Institute is strategically sited beside the row of ruins to encourage designers to use the existing heritage as a site of design production and exhibition.
New programs are sensitively stitched together linearly to bridge the existing eastern urban center to the new western urban expansion. One can walk from the train station to the new residential neighbourhood through the conference centre, retail shops and five star hotel, heritage ruins, Design Institute and a four star hotel.

Supporting the new east-west urban axis are a series of gridded green fingers which creates a north-south connection, stitching the southern park to the northern waterfront via the new functional and heritage spaces. In addition, the green fingers frame a series of experiential park elements, serving as outdoor exhibition spaces for the works produced at the Design Institute. The green fingers, together with the canopies, allow visitors to constantly weave and meander through the interior and exterior environment.

Year 2017 Location Bandirma, Turkey Client Bandirma City Government Area 0.35 sqkm Status Competition